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Training for tomorrow.

Do you want to become a Notary Public? Do you need to renew your commission? Are you confused on how to apply or renew a commission? Wondering if you can do it yourself? Do you need to belong to an organization? How much SHOULD it cost? Wow, that is a lot of questions! Is it that confusing? We don't think so! We want you to know ALL the facts about Notary commissions in PA. Before purchasing any course from any provider please compare and see how you can learn more and save hundreds.
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Our Courses

Mandatory education requirement.

Our Notary Course materials were developed by our staff and are approved by the Pennsylvania State Department Notary Division. This is the mandatory educational program needed to apply to be a Notary Public and for renewing Notaries Public. This course includes instruction in understanding the law, our functions and general knowledge of being a Notary Public. We offer the opportunity to obtain this education in many ways, from online courses to live seminars.
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About Us

#1 Notary Educator in PA.

We provide the most comprehensive educational courses and the most up to date resources available. Whether you are a seasoned Notary Public or just starting down the path, our variety and scope of programs help you start your business and keep it growing for success. We teach you all there is to know about being a PA Notary, along with how to do your job correctly and legally according to PA law. Our courses teach you how to set up a business as a Notary Public, and how to succeed in that business. Want to be a Signing Agent? We are the only PA based educator that offers an ASA (Signing Agent) course. Our DMV course is for anyone who wishes to become a DMV Agent.
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